• 2020 and what it will bring..

    A lot has happened since Maisie passed away in April last year. We can’t believe it’s already nearly the end of January but it also feels like yest...
  • Hope for the Dads

    This hope is how I turn what could be a trigger for grief into something positive.  Something to look forward to and drive me.  It still hurts.  I am wiping tears as I type away at the keyboard.  That is all part of the journey.  I know that it is ok to feel like this. I hope that others out there know that it is ok as well. 
  • In The Trenches

    It’s funny when people tell me that we’re doing so well and they’re legitimately shocked. It really is. Funny because the expectation is we fall in...
  • The Path to Meeting Our Maisie Girl and Where to From Here

    When should it ever be OK that a parent has to bury their child? Out of all of the horribly painful, unfair and cruel things in this world, burying your child has to be at the top of the list. If you had ever asked me if I thought that we would ever have to bury our baby, I would have responded like any normal person… No way! That would never happen to us! That only happens to other people.