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One of the main things we’ve realized since the death of our Maisie girl is how reluctant people have been to discuss Maisie and actually use her name. They feel comfortable after we open the conversation and make it clear that we love hearing people speak her name. Lots of feedback we’ve had from families that have been affected by stillbirth and neonatal death is that often their family members, friends, colleagues and even their other children avoid speaking the name of the little baby that passed away. As a mum, that’s really hard. A child that dies is still a child that is loved and so desperately wanted. A child that shouldn’t be forgotten. To help families get their little one’s name spoken, we’ve decided to start the #SayTheirName project. This is to raise more awareness around loss and to encourage people to Say Their Name! We will make a design of earrings in different sizes and the range will be named after a precious baby that is no longer with their family. Each time we add to the #SayTheirName project we will include a lovely little letter from the baby’s family member.

To really make a difference we have decided that we will use some proceeds from the sale of these earrings to donate to an amazing organization. Heartfelt are a not for profit organization that provide photographers to attend in hospital and take beautiful pictures of each family with their baby after they have passed. These photographers are put in to such emotional situations and do an amazing job. We are so thankful for our beautiful photos from Heartfelt. They also provide printed copies and a USB with all of the images in a lovely case. Our first family lost their little girl Elka in 2011 and we are so thankful that her lovely parents have let us name the first range of earrings after their Elka. They have also written a story about their girl. We are thankful for everyone’s support. Remember to always #SayTheirName. As hard as it if for you to speak to families about their baby that passed, it’s even harder as parents to feel like people don’t want to talk about their loved baby and to hardly ever hear their name.

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